201 Bar

Formerly Lounge 201, The 201 Bar has a new expanded food menu and focuses on craft beer, wine, and cocktails. Great happy hour and ideal for private events.

201 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Close to downtown and a destination for congressional staffers.
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The 201 Bar
Bourbon. Bourbon. Bourbon. Bourbon. $4 tonight! http://t.co/d4lcBJO3sN
Thursday Oct 23 - 8:37am
The 201 Bar
Half off all IPA and Pale Ale bottles tonight. Get your hop on. http://t.co/EpJl6F3kZe
Wednesday Oct 22 - 12:58pm
The 201 Bar
$5 Bourbon infusions tonight. Try something different. #FeelingFancy http://t.co/mGki1avUI5
Tuesday Oct 21 - 10:05am
The 201 Bar
Steelers play the Texans tonight. Drink a bottle of wine, have some local beer, watch the game. #NFL #MondayNightFootball
Monday Oct 20 - 4:15pm
The 201 Bar
Tonight: Half priced wine bottles and $5 local drafts. #vino #craftbeer #dc http://t.co/6AbDkTm8sA
Monday Oct 20 - 9:26am
The 201 Bar
Football all day!
Sunday Oct 19 - 12:33pm
The 201 Bar
Cheers to the weekend, we have $5 ryes, $4 SweetWater brews, and $5 house wine.
Friday Oct 17 - 12:30pm
The 201 Bar
Fall is here complete with gourds and pumpkin beer. Open every Friday for lunch! #FallOffFriday #gourds http://t.co/kZDOaVUDna
Friday Oct 17 - 11:57am
The 201 Bar
Open for lunch!
Friday Oct 17 - 10:30am
The 201 Bar
It's our favorite day. Thursday! CRAFT BOURBONS. $4. #drinkup
Thursday Oct 16 - 9:00am
The 201 Bar
We have made it halfway through the work week. This deserves a reward. Half priced IPA bottles, perhaps? Come and get it!
Wednesday Oct 15 - 10:04am
The 201 Bar
Half off Belgian bottles tonight, $5 house infused bourbons, and $5 house wine!
Tuesday Oct 14 - 4:00pm
The 201 Bar
Come on people, get your head in the game. You're never going to beat Beyonce if this record doesn't drop by the... http://t.co/Y6CjwisJX8
Tuesday Oct 14 - 1:00pm
The 201 Bar
MNF....Rams vs 49ers. Rice a Roni on special for happy hour. #harbaugh http://t.co/d74uTcJxuE
Monday Oct 13 - 2:11pm
The 201 Bar
Half price wine bottles and $5 Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA this evening!
Monday Oct 13 - 8:21am