201 Bar

Formerly Lounge 201, The 201 Bar has a new expanded food menu and focuses on craft beer, wine, and cocktails. Great happy hour and ideal for private events.

201 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Close to downtown and a destination for congressional staffers.
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The 201 Bar
Tobacco infused bourbon is here! http://t.co/kQ4FhdlBR4
Tuesday Jan 27 - 3:42pm
The 201 Bar
Connecting Spotify to Uber feels a little bit like connecting a toaster to Netflix.
Tuesday Jan 27 - 2:25pm
The 201 Bar
Please join us this Sunday for our Super Bowl celebration. No.....we aren't a Pats bar.....nor a Seahawks bar.... http://t.co/k70NvO6zxe
Tuesday Jan 27 - 11:34am
The 201 Bar
Local drafts are $5 today!
Monday Jan 26 - 4:01pm
The 201 Bar
Sometimes our staff gets irrationally upset that Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza aren't actually in love.
Monday Jan 26 - 12:31pm
The 201 Bar
We're back! We've missed you.
Monday Jan 26 - 11:10am
The 201 Bar
The 201 Bar will closed this weekend for some repairs and maintenance. We would apologize for an inconvenience,... http://t.co/fNPv2fQJiQ
Saturday Jan 24 - 2:09pm
The 201 Bar
@EastSideYogaDC we are looking forward to having you guys on the hill. Come by sometime and check out or specials neighbor! @theHillisHome
Friday Jan 23 - 2:56pm
The 201 Bar
Bourbon Thursday! #bourbon #whiskey #capitolhill #dc #happyhour #drinkup #booze #yesplease
Thursday Jan 22 - 1:31pm
The 201 Bar
Just kidding. Make time for bourbon. Priorities, people. http://t.co/zgytRfftUt
Thursday Jan 22 - 11:45am
The 201 Bar
But of course. http://t.co/FJG1hWnNQq
Wednesday Jan 21 - 3:01pm
The 201 Bar
SOTU tonight. Nerd out with us. #usa #politics #dc #capitolhill #happyhourgoesallnight
Tuesday Jan 20 - 3:01pm
The 201 Bar
State of the Union tonight!
Tuesday Jan 20 - 2:02pm
The 201 Bar
We're closed today! We are counting down the seconds until we can drink with you for happy hour on Tuesday!
Monday Jan 19 - 2:10pm
The 201 Bar
Enjoying your sunshine? How about some whiskey. #whiskeygirl #drinkingtime #craftbourbon @ The 201 Bar http://t.co/no5iQzGnx9
Saturday Jan 17 - 3:02pm