Dacha Beer Garden

Pack a picnic, bring a date, bring your dog, and #haveabeer

1600 7 St NW
But it's pleasant at Dacha with misters and fans and cold beers! :-)#Brunch till 4 with freshly squeezed orange juice mimosas #heatwave #summer #soleil #whoneedsclothes #drinkthedistrict
07-23-2016 02:56PM
Bars specializing in microbrews have sprouted up in the DC area in the past 10 years.
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Dacha DC
@hgil Just to be clear: this change concerns Indoor hours only. We signed a voluntary agreement & we have no intention on deviating from it.
Saturday Jul 23 - 1:42pm
Dacha DC
@BYT @AtlasBrewWorks @bardobeer @SaufHausDC Yep...on a day like this cold beer is the ONLY solution :-) https://t.co/EQopJckj1J
Saturday Jul 23 - 1:39pm
Dacha DC
RT @dcbeer: Any #dataviz beer fans out there? We've got lots of event data in the DC area if you think you'd like to do something with it.
Thursday Jul 21 - 10:14pm
Dacha DC
RT @BtchesWhoBrunch: {New} Bagels and beers with our best Bitches. Is #brunch at @DachaDC Bitch-approved? https://t.co/yYFBIvyUb4 https://t…
Thursday Jul 21 - 4:36pm
Dacha DC
Next time around we'll impress you more :-) Promise! https://t.co/APjHNbCDpJ
Thursday Jul 21 - 4:16pm
Dacha DC
RT @BYT: We need a cold beer today more than anything https://t.co/XsGkz2pYEY @DachaDC @AtlasBrewWorks @bardobeer @SaufHausDC https://t.co/…
Monday Jul 18 - 5:56pm
Dacha DC
Liz Lemon Foreva! @nbc30rock @netflix https://t.co/s0fxLs325z
Monday Jul 18 - 12:07am
Dacha DC
RT @papergirlmedia: The brewery scene in DC is also pretty dope. Had a ball at @DachaDC https://t.co/UBmVk5jZ50
Sunday Jul 17 - 4:04pm
Dacha DC
Step into Dacha's #SundayFunday - a wonderful world of fans, misters, flowers and handsome unicorns :-) @DCHomos https://t.co/eMJGxBv52b
Sunday Jul 17 - 2:48pm
Dacha DC
:-)) https://t.co/1a0Euyyrw1
Saturday Jul 16 - 4:26pm
Dacha DC
Central Shaw is without power! Dacha is open but without kitchen. #FixDCNow! @MayorBowser @CharlesAllenW6 @shawmainstreets @pepcoconnect
Friday Jul 15 - 7:21pm
Dacha DC
Power is out in most of central Shaw! Dacha is open but without kitchen @shawmainstreets @MayorBowser @pepcoconnect @DDOTDC @CharlesAllenW6
Friday Jul 15 - 6:00pm
Dacha DC
RT @Eater_DC: The *most* D.C. D.C. bars: https://t.co/TNv8denYfl
Friday Jul 15 - 10:41am
Dacha DC
@JRogers202 We agree! There is def a need for a station in our neck of the woods! @bikeshare @DDOTDC @AlexanderMPadro @CharlesAllenW6
Thursday Jul 14 - 11:32pm
Dacha DC
Happy #BastilleDay Today's exclusive $28 bottles: Cuvée Jean-Louis Rosé & Listel Côtes de Provence! #14juillet #shaw https://t.co/Zzg78NV2kT
Thursday Jul 14 - 1:36pm