Voted the most scenic restaurant in Washington DC!

3000 K St. NW
Historic and upscale area of DC, frequented by college crowds and tourists. The Georgetown Waterfront is one of the most romantic spots in the city.
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Sequoia DC
Without further ado, we present to you, our fabulous Valentine's Weekend menu:
Thursday Jan 28 - 9:52am
Sequoia DC
With Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, we are excited to present Valentine's Weekend. Enjoy a...
Friday Jan 15 - 12:00pm
Sequoia DC
Happy New Year, Everyone.
Thursday Dec 31 - 8:04pm
Sequoia DC
Your table is ready.
Sunday Dec 27 - 12:14pm
Sequoia DC
Perfect day for post-holiday brunch buffet.
Sunday Dec 27 - 12:07pm
Sequoia DC
From all of us at Sequoia, we want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.
Thursday Dec 24 - 4:57pm
Sequoia DC
Looking forward to seeing you this Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! Reservations available at...
Monday Nov 30 - 4:09pm
Sequoia DC
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thursday Nov 26 - 6:21pm
Sequoia DC
FALL FOOD FOCUS: Beef Carpaccio A fresh take on an old favorite, our Beef Carpaccio complements a wide array of...
Tuesday Nov 10 - 3:00pm
Sequoia DC
Sequoia is proud to offer our Veterans and those who are serving in the military a free meal (exclusive of tax...
Monday Nov 9 - 2:09pm
Sequoia DC
Happy #SundayFunday! We're looking forward to seeing you at brunch today! Don't forget to make your Thanksgiving...
Sunday Nov 8 - 11:01am
Sequoia DC
FALL FOOD FOCUS: Artisanal Cheeses We curated our Artisanal Cheese board with the desire to bring together the...
Saturday Nov 7 - 3:00pm
Sequoia DC
FALL FOOD FOCUS: Tuna Steak Alright, now let's dive into the entrées! We marinade our sushi-grade ahi Tuna Steak...
Thursday Nov 5 - 3:00pm
Sequoia DC
FALL FOOD FOCUS: Charcuterie Board We've "beefed-up" our Charcuterie Board with even more eclectic & savory...
Tuesday Nov 3 - 3:00pm
Sequoia DC
Introducing... Fall Food Focus 2015! A photo journal showcasing some of our fantastic new food items for the...
Sunday Nov 1 - 1:00pm