H Street Bars

Unique area in NE DC with many new bars and restaurants, part of the revitalized Atlas District.
Have you heard EDEN's new single “Drugs” yet? Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/iameden/drugs Then get tickets for 10/13: http://bit.ly/2a3t57p
07-28-2016 02:30PM
Independent live music venue and nightclub that has a silly name. Established 2006. Dedicated to the discovery and recovery of great music.
No politics, no bombs, no idiots. Relax. Be cool.
#ThirstyThursday has arrived and wethinks you should enjoy this highly rated German pils by Würzburger Hofbräu - it's a joy https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/176/595/
07-28-2016 06:00PM
Twitter Activity
The Big Board
Thanks @lhollers ! We like to think our prices are low enough that one could indulge in our tasty burgers regularly! https://t.co/FLkzFWAEzR
Thursday Jul 28 - 6:05pm
The Big Board
Special: Popcorn Shrimp Po Boy $12 tossed in diablo sauce w/ lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll w/ your choice of small salad or fries.
Thursday Jul 28 - 6:03pm
#HStreetCorridor #craftbeer A few of the beers so far on our menu: Eggenburg Pilsner ... Evolution Red Ale...... https://t.co/B8tVlFknPj
Thursday Jul 28 - 6:01pm
Yup, very weathery. But not in here! @BayouGators is out back with the grub & we've got the booze. 120+ beers & a #fullbar #craftbeer #hstne
Thursday Jul 28 - 5:59pm
Liberty Tree
Come in & enjoy these beers for $4 until 7pm tonight! We also have our prime rib dinner tonight for $24 all night! https://t.co/PM8IqPIZXV
Thursday Jul 28 - 5:47pm
jimmy valentines
Check out the #weekendupdate on FB @PBR_DC countdown fri 8p-12a w/ tallboys starting a $1 https://t.co/d9GflcAEwa
Thursday Jul 28 - 5:17pm
The Pug
Ask around. https://t.co/zM2OuuTXiB
Thursday Jul 28 - 5:03pm
The Pug
Here's a classy way to beat the heat. https://t.co/b0GCK1YfSl
Thursday Jul 28 - 4:56pm
Rock & Roll Hotel
Wells & Co. are here 7/30! Don't miss their eclectic mixing of genres, doors @ 7 https://t.co/VN2kYSx6Q7 https://t.co/skEs5Doref
Thursday Jul 28 - 4:05pm
Rock & Roll Hotel
ON SALE TOMORROW, 10AM: @Brendatheband 8/11, @vandaveer 9/8, @tigerarmy​ 9/24, @themowglis​ 10/9
Thursday Jul 28 - 3:10pm
We're opening the doors tonight. Very soft opening, come by for a beer and kick the tires!
Thursday Jul 28 - 2:55pm
The Pug
No political statement. MLS and MLB on the TVs and rock and roll on the speakers tonight.
Thursday Jul 28 - 2:37pm
Rock & Roll Hotel
RT @SpiritAnimalUS: TOMORROW we're playing D.C. at the @rocknrollhotel. Tix available here: https://t.co/LYHWenkie7
Thursday Jul 28 - 2:32pm
Rock & Roll Hotel
Doors at 7pm, tickets just $15 and will be available at our box office! See you tonight DC! https://t.co/bl1OF4npHF
Thursday Jul 28 - 2:32pm
DJ D-Skillz
Been a while since I've been able to really go in for my hip-hop heads. Looking 4ward to this! 😉 https://t.co/h7n1V1WGih
Thursday Jul 28 - 2:07pm
Atlas Arcade is D.C.'s only Retro arcade bar. Warp into the past with your favorite games and music from the 80s and early 90s. It's like being a kid again...on
we're a rotten bar for lousy people, that's why you love us duh
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Welcome to Church & State. We are Americans: inventors of juleps, sours, rickeys, fizzes, and martinis. Innovation is our heritage and our calling.
Bourbon, alligator, beer & so much more!
Dining Room & Public House at 1245 H St. NE, DC. Our menu offers approachable cuisine, craftbeers, spirits & wine for the everyman's table.
Enjoy the Sophisticated Kaois through the Avery's Experience! #averysonhst #averysexprience
We got to chat with Quilt before their show at Rock And Roll Hotel tonight.
07-28-2016 05:16PM
British Pub with traditional British food and daily specials using local and seasonal produce. British Beers and Ciders on tap and by the bottle
It's #peruvianindependence and we're celebrating with 1/2 off #piscosours and #chilcanos Come through! (Save this recipe for next time!) http://www.ocopa.kitchen/blog/how-to-make-the-perfect-pisco-sour
07-28-2016 02:54PM
If you're #lunchtime looks any less thrilling than this...you're in the wrong place. Come lunch w us. It's that time. #yum #lunch #peruvianchicken
07-28-2016 12:50PM
Classing up the joint.
07-28-2016 06:09PM
a neighborhood bistro
Peruvian fare such as cebiche and seafood from Chef Yuki Nakandakari in a modern space with open kitchen, counter seating and patio.
TOMORROW: Spirit Animal return! Doors at 8PM, $12.
07-28-2016 01:00PM
Somnus Ut Nos Es Mortuus
LOW TICKET WARNING: Don’t miss EX HEX on 8/21! http://ticketf.ly/22pw1R9 #RNR10
07-28-2016 01:30PM
A gastropub with a healthy Belgian fetish.
F**k the week -- it's open-mic karaoke at 10:30pm!
07-28-2016 02:03PM
Tuesday night @ 7:45pm trivia night. Happy hour until 7pm Mon-Fri. Live music Saturdays @ 4pm.
Quirky, peculiar, ingenious & the only of its kind. Mexican food, award winning drinks, roof deck & the only bar with indoor mini golf.
Cantina y Taqueria
1110 H St. NE | Washington DC 20002 Cocktail Bar & Dumplings
WEEKEND UPDATE: FRI: Reflections with Sarah Myers while Jandro. PBR Countdown is 8p-12a with PBR tallboys start at $1and go up a dollar per hour. SAT: BASSMENT DANCE PARTY w/ DJ Sampal - Deep Dubstep, DJ Derp - Dubstep/Trap, HeBeGB - Drum and Bass
07-28-2016 06:14PM
Wells & Co will be here in two days with Gabriel Gordon - 8PM Doors, $12 tickets. Still need yours? http://ticketf.ly/29NI7yn
07-28-2016 04:00PM